Our Services

Our services are free and tailored to your situation and needs. When you reach out to us one of our Family Support Workers will have a chat with you to see what supports you need and match it with services we offer.

Our Services

One to one support

Access to counselling

Education & training

Facilitated peer support

Complimentary therapies

Recreational activities


Time and space for families to speak freely without judgement


One to One Support

When a Participant first attends the Northstar Family Support Project, they will meet with a Family Support Worker.

The Family Support Worker will work alongside the Participant with respect and compassion.

These sessions allow the Participant to work through their concerns in a focused and supportive manner.

Typical topics of conversation: How they have been affected by their loved one’s substance misuse, drug education, supports and services available, self-care, implementing boundaries, access to other services and community supports.


Access to Counselling

It is not uncommon a Participant to start looking at their own emotional needs once the initial crisis of their loved one substance misuse is manageable.

The Northstar Family Support Project works in collaboration with Counselling and Psychotherapy Services (CAPS ) to provide low-cost counselling to Northstar Participants


Access to Education and Training

The Northstar Family Support Project has long standing relationships with education and training services in Limerick City. We also collaborate with other services within the city to provide the opportunity for inter-agency initiatives, for example: Accredited addiction studies courses, SHEP personal development, Time for Me, creative writing, referral into parenting classes and other community-based projects.

Peer support

Facilitated Peer Support

Northstar Family Support Project provides Participants with the opportunity to attend a Peer Support Group.

The group provides a space for people to come together under the guidance of a trained facilitator to discuss how they are doing, build their confidence and learn from each other’s experiences.


Complimentary Therapies

Due to the high level of emotional distress caused by having a loved one involved in substance misuse, Northstar Family Support Project uses the services of a Holistic Therapist to provide a suite of therapies at no cost to the Participant.


Recreational Activities

Northstar Family Support Project,  in collaboration with other services throughout the city, provides a number of opportunities throughout the year for Participants to get involved with social groups like arts and crafts, computer skills, walking groups etc.



Northstar Family Support Project understands the physical & emotional stress caused by having a loved one involved in substance misuse and the negative impact it can have on a person’s wellbeing. Northstar Family Support Project, in collaboration with Novas Respite House, provide an opportunity for Participants to take a break from their day-to-day stress and engage in self-care.

Find more information on the Novas Respite House here.


Time and space for families to speak freely without judgement

Not ready to reach out?

We understand that too. We will be here when you are ready.

In the meantime, try learning a bit more about substance misuse issues – it can reduce your stress and give you a better understanding of what your loved one is experiencing.

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